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Recipe apps that rock my world

March 5, 2015

A time-poor cook + a foodie = a serious recipe app addict. My phone has revolutionised my family mealtimes, and I’m hooked! I want to share with you the food apps I use to organise my recipes.


Grab recipes from Pinterest or your favourite food blogs and pull them together with this app. It syncs with your devices and lets you create meal plans and shopping lists. It even has a timer feature to stop you overcooking your veg (this is awesome when you’re running around doing a million tasks at the same time, as I usually am).

Search recipes, add ingredients to your shopping list and drool over content from Gourmet magazine. Looking for healthy lunches, slow cooked dinners or rich desserts? Ker-ching – this little baby gives you loads of choice, then you can tick the items off the list as you scoot around the supermarket. If the kids actually eat it (yes, I know how picky kids can be!) then flag it as a favourite and put it in your recipe bank.

Allrecipes and Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
These two apps might just put cookbooks out of business. Search for recipes, things to cook in a timeframe or look for recipes using the ingredients left over in your fridge (now I can figure out what to do with that avocado, bacon and salami!), plus you can live on the edge by letting the app chose your dinner for you with a random recipe search. Rock ‘n’ roll.

Food Planner
Who doesn’t love food planning? What do you mean you don’t?! That’s because you haven’t found this awesome little app. Use it to plan your meals, integrate recipes from different sources and create shopping lists to save yourself time and money. Food planning’s a life saver for me as a working mum – go on, give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Evernote Food
Already using the incredible Evernote app to keep track of your entire life? If so, you HAVE to try this one! Remember the foods you love, check out recipes and save them in your own cookbook, keep track of where you ate the BEST EVER carbonara, create your own restaurant hit-list, book tables and share your meals with friends online. For a techie and a foodie, this app is golden.

Another app that does the full works – from recipes to meal planning, timers to grocery lists, this gem takes all the stress out of cooking healthy, home-cooked meals.

That’s mine. So, what are your favourite recipe apps?



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