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Life affirming moments and paying it forward

March 24, 2015

Life came full circle for me at the weekend…Tom O’Toole, a baker, came to speak at my event.

Tom is the owner of Beechworth Bakery. He has six stores around regional Victoria with a significant turnover. Tom has built something which allows him to travel the world many times a year.

Tom’s journey has been one of growth and expansion personally and professionally. 30 years ago, I’m sure he couldn’t have dreamed his life would be what it is today.

You see, Tom nearly ended his life 30 years ago, after a bitter divorce and other business challenges. Tom couldn’t see a way through. Yet, at the 11th hour with a pistol in his mouth, he ‘asked’ for help, and his angels came to his rescue.

Thank goodness Tom is still here, because he would never have written the book about his journey, and my parents would never have driven up to Beechworth to check out his famous bakery one weekend in March 2001. My mum wouldn’t have purchased Tom’s book and left it on the kitchen bench that Sunday night only for me to find it and start reading.

That Sunday night, I devoured Tom’s book in one sitting. I decided it was time for me to take charge of my own destiny and also reach out for help when I need it.

And so, my life really did come full circle this weekend. I held an intimate special retreat for seven local entrepreneurs in my network and I invited Tom to share his story with us all. He showed us how we control our own destiny. Now his influence has touched seven more lives.

Pay it forward and share with me some of those life changing moments in your life. Has somebody been a big inspiration to you in your personal life or in business? Maybe sharing the details will help somebody else find their path.



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