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Is Your Work More Fun Than Fun?

March 31, 2015

Inspired by a Noel Coward quote, Stephen Fry encourages us all to ask if our work is more fun than fun. It’s a damn great question.

When I started to think about my own life, I started to look around. I saw designers, celebrity chefs, famous bloggers, movie stars…I was pretty sure they were all having more fun than me. In fact, they were having the time of their lives right in front of my eyes!!

I began putting other people (who appeared to be having waaaaaay more fun than I was in their careers) on pedestals. There was this fashion stylist with her own reality TV show. She looked like she was having a BALL. And more than that – she looked totally together, like she had it all. She had a husband, kids, a successful business and, of course, she had a killer media presence to show it all off. The problem is, the snapshots I saw didn’t reflect her whole life. They were a millisecond of calm in a day of mayhem. A beautifully styled moment that took hours to create. A fake scene that was supposed to inspire me, not bring me down.

Fun is personal. I create my own reality. When I start comparing myself to others, all the fun stops.

Social media is awesome, but I need to remind myself often that it only shows off the best bits. Real life isn’t lived on Facebook. Hidden behind that glossy image is the grainy reality.

Like you, I have a crazy household. I don’t manage to do everything on my ‘to do’ list. But I choose to focus on what I’ve achieved at the end of the day, not the things that are still outstanding.

I make my own joy. Seriously. Nobody else is in control of my fun. It’s. All. About. ME. I am my own biggest cheerleader.

I live my life with confidence and passion. I hope my fun inspires people to look for their own. I enjoy the moments. I reach for my dreams, but I don’t live for my goals.

My work is as fun as fun. Is yours? If not, what are you going to do about it?



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