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Must-follow food bloggers on Instagram: Sharing some #InstaLove

April 2, 2015

Instagram is one of my FAV social media channels. Who doesn’t love scrolling through image after image of beautifully styled food shots? So, here’s the low-down on the best food bloggers to follow to brighten up your IG feed and make you dream of lunchtime.

Top foodies on IG

Recently given a huge ovation by Mr Jamie Oliver, Claire Ptak is a writer and stylist, and she takes beautiful photos to make you drool.

Amanda and Merrill have nailed it with their classy IG feed. Sultry and moody images blend with shots of food you want to grab from the picture. ‘Helping people become better, smarter, happier cooks’ is their tagline and it says it all.

How you eat is how you live.
Let’s eat well together.

OK, so it’s Gwyneth’s blog, and no she’s not a cook per se, however her team have got a good eye for what’s happening in Foodie Land.

I just love Lindsey’s photography Stylish, simple and elegant.

No-brainer – if you love food, follow the man.

Emma takes gorgeous natural food shots, with a sprinkling of outdoor fun.

I adore Danijela’s close ups of healthy offerings. It doesn’t feel like her shots are overly styled – it’s just natural ingredients freshly prepared.

Making raw food look sexy and cool. If you love this, make sure you check out the new app: #HippieLaneapp.

Traditional home baking and cooking at its best – this feed always gives me an urge to get my cake tins out.

I love learning new ways to eat without sugar. It’s a super inspiring feed and I try out lots of her recipes.

Sneh Roy is a food stylist, and I believe has collected every Donna Hay magazine since launch… it’s a gorgeous account.

Warm, friendly, Melbourne-based, gluten free (not that my family are gluten-intolerant, but I believe it’s good to back off the wheat and grains, once in a while). Plus the food pics in different settings are fabulous to oggle over.

OK, I fess up, it’s my sister’s blog, however with 6.5K followers on IG, she’s sharing a wealth of health advice for us. Go on, take a peek.
This gorgeous IG account presents raw vegan foods from the beautiful Talita Estelle (who also happens to be the founder of online fashion store Esther Boutique).

I’ve been following Teresa for years, ever since one of my best friends gifted me one of her cookbooks. Simple but great food.

Producing quality coconut oil and coconut products, Jenni’s feed is filled with glorious coconut creations that promote a coconutty way of life.

There are so many more I love. Who are your top food bloggers on Instagram?


P.S. Oh – and if you want to know where ALL the great food bloggers go to get their stunning food styling done, then look no further than the awesome @lee_blaylock. Hop over for all the behind-the-scenes shots!



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