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Victoria Beckham: I’m a great mum, but I go to work

April 7, 2015

Growing up, I watched my mum (and my dad!) dash out to work to support our family. I didn’t appreciate how full-on it was for her. She’d dart back from work to collect us from friend’s houses, or clubs, throw together a healthy dinner for five of us (sometimes extra humans including boyfriends, next-door neighbours, and our friends), scale a mountain of washing and ironing and then create packed lunches for us all so we could start over the next day. She must have been permanently knackered. She never stopped (she still doesn’t to this day!) But we were happy, and so was she.

I’m not a big fan of the word ‘juggle’. It implies you’re going to drop one of those balls eventually. It’s setting yourself up to fail – like you can’t do everything or have everything. Just. Not. True. You CAN do everything, you just have to be organised, have plenty of help and support, and make compromises by staggering things.

I’m lucky to have choice in my life about whether to work or not as a result of some really intense, yet fun, business decisions over the last decade. I LOVE that it’s down to my own choice, but I still choose to work. When I’m on a mission, work feels like play to me. I’m an entrepreneur just like I’m a mum and a life-partner – it’s part of me that I can’t (and don’t want to won’t!) change because it’s who I am.

Nobody is above the dreaded mummy-guilt though. Even superstars like Victoria Beckham talk about it – just watch her Instagram clip to prove it. It’s always there lurking over us. I’m sure my mum felt it too.

Do you feel guilty for being a working mum?

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