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Surf’s Up!

April 14, 2015

I’m not a surfer (I’m definitely more of a beach bum), but I reckon I’ve cracked the code on the psychology of surf dudes. And what’s more, I think we could all learn A LOT from it.

Surfies are super patient when it comes to waiting for the perfect wave. They know when the time is right. When the conditions are just so, they send texts to their mates to say: “the surf’s up!

When other surfers jump in the water, they’re competing for the same waves but there’s never a sense that they’re competing against each other. They’re all players together, living in the moment.

In the real world, the power of marketing means we’re always trying to out-market each other.  There’s competition everywhere you look. Yet, even though surfing is technically a competitive sport, surfers work in a co-operative manner.

Surfers come together to ride waves and create energy. Their energy bounces off each other, creating excitement and anticipation of that perfect wave – something they’re all searching for.

They don’t worry that they will miss that wave. They don’t focus on obstacles under the ocean that could come up and bite them (literally!) They don’t panic that somebody else might get to that wave before them.

They allow things to flow.

If one surfer catches a wave, other surfers can catch the same wave. If one surfer catches the wave and the others don’t, then they all share the thrill.

This new economy is Co-operate versus Compete

Let’s celebrate alongside our successful competitors as they’re catching some good waves. Let’s cheer each other forward.

There’s an abundance of good waves. Plenty for all of us to share.

What do you think? Do you agree that we should support each other and work together, or do you think competition is healthy? I’d love for you to click through and leave a comment.




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