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Finally, a café that understands me

April 28, 2015

The key to creating a successful business is spotting a problem and delivering a solution. Sounds easy, right? You’d think so, but it’s amazing how many business owners don’t necessarily understand who their customer is before opening their doors.

Suzanne Acteson loved going out to cool cafés, visiting restaurants, discovering new arty experiences and buying beautiful products. Then she had kids. So, instead of complaining, she decided to do something about it.

The result is Habitots – an incredible café that gives me a safe, friendly place to take my little guy knowing that the walls and fenced backyard keep his running pace of Usain Bolt in tact and he can’t escape. I get to relax, chat and have fun in a creative space, and the toddlers don’t need to be entertained with an iPad like most restaurants we go to…. Both Ethan and I get to create messy, beautiful pieces of art, and the best part is I get to walk away from the mess and leave somebody else to clear up. Suzanne didn’t just create a child-friendly space – she created a parent-friendly place.

We can learn stacks from Suzanne’s understanding of her customer’s needs. She took a problem and delivered a solution. With a big, fat cherry on top.

I love it when a business just ‘gets it’ like this. Whatever business you’re in, it starts and ends with the customer.

Successful entrepreneurs find better, smarter ways to solve a pain point. When combined with passion and action, it’s pretty powerful stuff. These are all things I’m taking on board as my team & I develop CUSP’s first smart appliance, evie.

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