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Trust the ‘CHEF’

May 12, 2015

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A new desire has sprung into your mind. You’re eager to manifest a new car, create a new biz, go on that dreamy vacation….

You’ve figured out WHY you want this new desire and so you ‘place your order’ with your guides/the universe/the source/God/anyone that will listen J Just like you would in a restaurant.

And so, after a few weeks or months (or even years!) have passed, you start to question if the ‘kitchen’ (or the waiter) received your order correctly and passed it through to the chef.

Good things come to those who savour what’s to come…

When I’m at a restaurant, I don’t follow the waiter into the kitchen to watch my food being prepared. I trust that what I’ve ordered will turn up at the perfect time.

I don’t pop into the kitchen to look over the chef’s shoulder to ask her to add a little more seasoning. I don’t keep checking with the waiter to find out how much longer it’s going to be (unless of course, it’s taking AGES and I’m in a rush). I’m enjoying the present moment with friends, savouring what’s coming… and kicking back with a glass of vino.

I don’t mind waiting for great food. It’s taking its time because it’s fresh and it’s being cooked just for me. Actually, waiting for your order is half the fun – I know what’s coming and the anticipation of it arriving is pretty special. My only job is to enjoy the great tasting meal when it arrives.

My order arrives because I’ve asked for it, and it lands in perfect timing. But it only arrives thanks to the perfectly choreographed chain of events.

So breathe rather than check on the chef, relax rather than offer effort, smile rather than struggle, be rather than do. Trust the chef.

I’m a big believer in asking for what you want. Next time you’re in a restaurant, I guarantee you’ll think about that dream you’ve been cooking up – and perhaps you might like to place your order.

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