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Ignore the ‘Peanut Gallery’

May 19, 2015

What other people think of me is none of my business.

Take a moment to re-read that. What other people think of me is none of my business. I know that’s a pretty impossible mindset for some, but it’s a frame of mind that helps me put myself ‘out there’ every day.

It supports me in living a life I choose, rather than conforming. Yeah sure, I’m not exactly the perfect mother, and I’m not always around for my little guy. I travel quite a bit (without my family) and this possibly raises a few eyebrows. I survived three weeks at a mother’s group and decided the maternal health nurse had far too many peanuts to throw at all the new mums – so I walked out (yeop, it’s true!) and never went back. (I’ve since created an amazing group of supportive mothers who don’t throw peanuts at each other J)


The creation of CUSP also means I’m working in a ‘man’s’ world (well that’s the current status quo which I’m aiming to transform). There’s all these engineers with fancy pants titles like ‘mechatronics’, ‘robotics’, ‘electrical blah blah blah’…However, I’m choosing to ignore the (LARGE) peanut gallery watching me, and just get on with creating our revolutionary products. It helps me push through with the development of evie knowing that I’m creating something totally AWESOME (you wait til you see her – I know you’ll agree.)

Facts of life…

Everybody likes to have an opinion – not just about you, but about everybody around them. Some people don’t have a filter on their brain so things tumble out of their mouths that really should stay locked away.

Try this: Grab a glossy gossip mag from the shelf next time you’re in the supermarket. Flip though it and find a pic of a female celeb lazing on a private yacht/beach/pool side – captured by a sneaky long lens. Found it? There’s always at least one in there. Is she being criticised for having her not-quite-flat-enough tummy out a month after giving birth? Or maybe her holiday overindulgence is starting rumours that there’s a baby on the way (when really she just had pancakes for breakfast?) By buying into this, you’re chucking peanuts at that poor lady’s head. Seriously. If you saw her on the street, would you stare and laugh at her like that? No? I thought not.

Being a critic is easy when you’re sat in the dark, watching from the cheap seats. We’re all a little guilty of judging. It’s not so easy when you’re the one on stage though. When you’re the performer being pelted and heckled.

Here’s the thing: Getting to the point in life where I don’t care what people think of me isn’t a natural state of mind. It takes action from me. I control my thoughts. It’s easy to let my mind run wild, but it’s my mind and I know how I want to feel – happy, confident and excited about all of the opportunities that are coming my way. I’m not going to let one person’s opinion rob me of that.

So, as long as I’m being true to myself and following my own path, the peanut gallery can do one.

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