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The easier I work, the luckier I get

July 7, 2015

Loads of people believe that success only comes from working your a** off.

They accept that sacrifice and struggle are part of the path to greatness. They think the more we do, the more we become. Well, that’s what our egos would have us believe, anyhow.

But our beautiful and expansive universe operates in the exact opposite way.

In divine order and purpose, as in nature, life unfolds with ease.

Think about this for a second >>>> our lungs breathe and our hearts beat without any effort. So too are our dreams materialised, when we connect with divine, natural intelligence.

The truth is, the universe is just waiting to help each of us turn our desires and hopes into reality. There doesn’t need to be this endless battle – it can all be so easy. Honestly.

When I tap into universal energy, the abundance that is absolutely within me, and all around me, emerges with grace and ease.

I let my feelings guide me. I think about how I feel. I embrace the flow that is waiting to respond to my intentions and beliefs.

I choose to move with comfort, ease and confidence towards the fullest, most pleasing, abundant possibilities. (Note the word ‘choose’ – it’s a conscious decision I make every minute of every day.)

The easier I work, the luckier I get…

I create my own luck and my own success by choosing to go with the flow and follow an easy, scenic path. Not one filled with struggle and fight and effort.

Which path are you on?



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