Craig Turbull_location_248I’d like to think that this blog isn’t just about me tapping words out into the Internet. I hope it’s the start of a conversation between us, because if you’re here we are probably on a similar journey. Maybe like me, you are passionate about expanding your business and career on your own terms by including your partners, kids, families and friends on the journey with you.

I’m Michelle Carden, married to Craig, Mum to Ethan, Step-Mum to Drew & Alex and Founder and CEO of digital appliance company—CUSP. Behind the scenes at CUSP we’re creating the kitchen of the future starting with our first smart appliance evie (can’t wait to share with you!).

Craig and I currently are based in Melbourne (Australia), with our terrific two-year old, Ethan (our little guru). However we think of ourselves as citizens of the world and there are 3 suitcases parked at our front door because they get used weekly – we gave up stowing them away!

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